Tuesday, 21 August 2007

"Magical" template: information and download

Welcome to the "Magical Template" demonstration blog!

This template features the following:
  • Unique "magical" themed design, inspired by the Harry Potter series of books/films
  • Animated blog header
  • Customizable sidebar colors, fonts and backgrounds
  • Optional widgets which you can install here designed to complement the design.
  • Themed Label Cloud
  • Post dividers
  • Drop-caps style for the fist letter of your blog posts.
  • Unique "post-footer" design
  • Configured for ease of modification in the Layouts screen
The optional widgets include:
  • "Magical mirror images" (top of the left sidebar): this displays a different animated image each time you reload the page! Try refreshing the page to see what else comes up...
  • "Magical Clock" (top of the right sidebar): This displays a different image depending on the time of day. Try visiting this blog at different times to see the image changes.
  • "Magical Thoughts" (bottom of the left sidebar): this displays a different magical-themed quote each time the page is reloaded.
You can either install these widgets using the widget installers here or install them by hand using the templates provided in the template package, which you can download below.

To use this template in your own blog, download the template file below and save to your computer. This is a zip file which contains all images, widget templates, a help file and the template itself. To open this file you may need to use a decompression tool such as Winzip.

Download Magical Template here

I have to say that this is my favorite template design so far! While the use of so many images and javascripts make this template load slightly slower than some of my other template designs, I'm sure you'll agree that it's a worthy compromise!

This template has been tested in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. If you discover any problems using this template, please contact me using this link.

Please visit Blogger Buster for loads more free Blogger template downloads and widgets.

Install "Magical Clock" widget

In the right sidebar you will see a "Magical clock" which changes according to the time of day. Try visiting this page at different times of day to see the image changes. The clock circles through day and night, displaying a whole sun at midday and a whole moon at midnight. In the hours between, the increments are more gradual.

To install this widget in your own blog template, click the widget install button below:

Install "Magical Mirror Images" widget

In the left sidebar, you will see a "mirror" image which changes each time you reload the page! To install this widget in your own blog, use the installer button below.

Install "Magical Thoughts" widget

The "Magical Thoughts" widget in the left sidebar displays a different magical themed quote each time the page is reloaded. Try refreshing this page to see more examples!

To install this widget in your blog, click on the button below which will redirect you to Blogger from where you can install this widget automatically.

Just a test post...

Because there need to be a few posts here to give an adequate demonstration!

"Magical Template" designed by Blogger Buster